You have to be living under a rock these days if you're not familiar with the alternative meaning to the phrase "Let's Go Brandon."

The phrase, which has become a popular substitute for saying "F_ _ _ Joe Biden" is being used by a number of opponents of the President right now to express their displeasure with him and his policies.

Since October, the phrase has been sweeping the nation. You can find it in a variety of forms, on bumper stickers, hats, t-shirts, refrigerator magnets, and if you get the  Winner Advocate, the phrase has even popped up in one man's ad for his business.

Let's Go Brandon Newspaper Ad
Dakota News Now (with permission)


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Dakota News Now is reporting, a Winner, South Dakota businessman recently elected to use the phrase "Let's Go Brandon" in a holiday ad for his business Winner Welding & Machine. The ad can be found on page B-4 in the December 22nd edition of the Winner Advocate.

In the ad, the business owner, Brad Assman is shown holding a sign that reads “Let’s Go Brandon."

As you might imagine, the ad, not only is creating quite a stir here in South Dakota but also on a national stage as it has found its way into social media.

Assman told Dakota News Now, “The paper came around and wanted a picture, and I said sure. You’d pay for your spot, and whatever you put in there is your business.”

Assman said the phrase itself is not profane. It's far more preferable than using the alternative meaning.

In his interview with Dakota News Now, Assman said, "You know, I mean, I would never put the other version in print. But you can say it without really saying it, I guess is the way I see it.”

According to Assman, he placed the ad in the paper because that's how he wanted to express himself and his business. He said others are free to express themselves in any manner they see fit.

One thing is for certain, Assman certainly isn't attempting to sugarcoat things. He told Dakota News Now, I put it on there to offend people that need to be offended. In fact, that sign is part of two signs that I have on the back of my vehicle. I built a special holder for the back of my vehicle. So when I drive through town and people follow me, they see it.”

Assman is fully aware that some people will view his ad as having the potential to be damaging to his business. However, he sees it another way, Assman believes the controversial ad will also help to draw in more customers from the area that feel the same way.

Assman claims a number of people have already reached out to him saying they like his ad. He's confident living in a community like Winner, the ad will ultimately end up gaining him much more business than he stands to lose.

Source: Dakota News Now


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