It's not every day that you see a cicada in South Dakota.  However, cicadas could be closer to the Sioux Empire than one might think.

There is one bug flying around the state and Sioux Empire that indicates that cicadas are around the area. The folks from SDSU Extension have reported the first confirmed nest of this killer bug in South Dakota.

In all honesty, these bugs can actually do harm our gardens and especially cicadas.  These killer insects in South Dakota are commonly known as "The Cicada Killer Wasps." Their main purpose is to do exactly what their name is, kill cicadas.

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So what exactly is the Cicada Killer Wasp?  Can it harm you? Can it potentially be dangerous?  In reality, the sting and bite are worse on a cicada than they will be on humans.  To give you an idea, the Cicada Killer Wasp's sting is similar to when a Yellow Jacket stings you.

SDSU Extension is reporting that the Cicada Killer Wasps nets "can often be seen near garages, patios, sidewalks, retaining walls and playgrounds."  This insect's main food source are cicadas.  The video above from the Animal Fact Files perfectly demonstrates how the Cicada Killer Wasps attack the cicadas.  Cicada Killer Wasps first bite the cicadas and cause them to become paralyzed.  Once that step is complete, the Cicada Killer Wasps carry the cicada from the tree and then they become the Cicada Killer Wasps' dinner.

So are Cicada Killer Wasps likely to harm humans?  Just like any wasp or bee, if you leave them alone they will not bother you. They aren't really known for stinging many humans.

If you happen to see a Cicada Killer Wasp, they tend to have a reddish-brown thorax (area directly behind the head) and black abdomen with yellow-banded markings.

Animal Fact Files (via YouTube)
Animal Fact Files (via YouTube)

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