Love a little Paprika, do ya?

Yeah, so do bugs. In fact, it's their favorite.

Better Homes and Gardens says that insects love pepper. Apparently they don't have a sneezing problem burying themselves in the spice. Cayenne pepper and chili powder are also high on the insects fave list.

An entomologist from the University of Nebraska is quoted in the article as saying Paprika and Cayenne have a high prevalence of insect filth in relation to other imported spices.

Well, doesn't that sound appetizing.

Something called cigarette beetles and drugstore beetles are the most common invaders. Well, whatever they're called, they certainly sound disgusting! And just for added fun, you might be able to spot these pests as itsy bitsy worms...that's how they start out.

The article does have some excellent tips on how to keep the pesky critters out of your spices, check them out here.

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