Who could forget that beautiful polar vortex that recently chilled even the heartiest Midwesterners to the bone with dangerous subzero wind chills? Gosh, that was fun. I'd like another - said no one ever.

Never let it be said that we're not looking for a silver lining so here's one upside to the freezing weather: it killed bugs. Lots of them.

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) says most insects can survive a short period of cold weather, but it’s also likely that some died in the recent extreme weather. One experiment says the polar vortex may have killed as much as 95 percent of stink bugs that hadn’t found shelter this winter. We've got plenty of those in South Dakota. Other invasive species, such as the emerald ash borer are not likely to survive the extended winter cold which would be great news.

Okay. That's great, but researchers say, even if adult pests freeze, they may have already laid eggs which will hatch when the weather warms. Buzz kill.

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