Alright, say it with me now, "Yuuuuk!" There are many things that are considered food and mealworms may be a great food source for some things, someone, or have some use. But you won’t see me smiling ear to ear after trying a new dish only to find out that it's been made with fish bait.

After seeing several headlines today, I chose to read this one from Associated Press that said dried yellow mealworms could soon be hitting supermarket shelves and restaurants across Europe. Do we really need these little buggers, excuse me, worms as part of our diet?

I don't care how many times my mom or grandma would say, "The worse it smells or tastes the better it is for you." Well, that is just plain bunk.

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The report indicates that the European Union’s 27 nations gave the green light Tuesday to a proposal to put the Tenebrio Molitor beetle’s larvae on the market as a “novel food.”

For protein just serve me chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, walleye or eggs. I'll even eat a dozen mussels or scallops. But stay away from me with that bowl of worms.

And the next time I see a smoothie menu there better not be mealworm powder up there as an add-on!

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