Most pet owners are excited when Fido the dog plays fetch, rolls over or shakes.  But one pet owner has taken things to new extremes with their pet, and maybe that's because their pet is a horse named Patches.  No, you aren't seeing things, that is a horse in that car.

Owner Herbert Thompson first noticed that Patches always seemed to be tagging along while doing chores.  He also noticed that Patches was more than interested in going along with Thompson when he left.  So Thompson modified a Mercury Grand Marquis so Patches could do just that.  Tag along with Thompson and his family, especially when it came time to get a burger.   Known to put down five burgers in one sitting, Patches would then wash them down with apple juice.

But it didn't stop with an occasional trip to the local burger shop.  Thompson also trained Patches to get a beer from the refrigerator, waterski, play drums, count, answer the telephone and feel right at home in the home!

Sadly though, the horse who didn't realize he was a horse, passed away at the age of 24 at his home on a Northern Florida ranch.  Before Patches passed, he did sire a son, who Thompson named Chip.  Chip is also being trained and is showing to be equally as unique as Patches.  Maybe Thompson chose the name Chip in hopes that he would be a "chip off the ole' block".