It started out as just a peaceful afternoon ride on the beach for a woman, her daughter and their two companions. But it quickly turned dramatic as the horses began to seep into the mud along the beach.  Nicole Graham was only able to help her daughter and her daughter's horse to safety before the mud started to swallow Nicole's heavier horse, Astro.

Scared that the incoming tide and mud was going to overtake 17-year old Astro, Graham did what any horse lover would do.  She stayed with her companion, encouraging him to stay calm, until she was forced to leave his side after help from a local farmer arrives.

Astro is soon sedated so the delicate process of extracting him from the mud can begin.  After what seems like forever to Graham, Astro is freed from the mud.  But the sedatives and exhaustion take their toll on the horse.  Finally, the moment that everyone had hoped for, Astro is able to stand and begins to walk around.

Graham is aware of just how bad the situation could have been.  But she says that by staying with Astro, she knew she would be able to keep him calm and everything would turn out okay for her companion that might not have survived if not for the loyalty of his owner.  Graham says,

He's my baby.  He's my pride and joy.  I knew if I stayed with him, he wouldn't panic.

It's a happy ending for Nicole and her best friend, Astro.  After being cleaned up and his favorite treat, Astro continues to recover.