OK, even at my age I have to admit it. I never heard of a 'Horse Massage'.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I get rubbing your horse after a good ride, brushing him down, helping him (or Her) relax, get him (ahem...or her) some hay and good rest. But a massage? New to me.

So when I saw the Associated Press news headline 'Horse Massage,' well I had to take a sip off the Grain Belt Longneck and...peruse.

The Nebraska legislature is debating some sort of horse massage licensing issue (apparently everything is going great in Nebraska!). There's a ton of places in Nebraska where you or I can get a massage, but I guess nothing for Trigger or Silver.

The story says you have to be a licensed equine massage therapist to, ah...massage a horse. And here's the surprising shock: There isn't a single one in the entire state of Nebraska.


But wait, there's more.

Why is there not even one licensed horse massage therapist in the Cornhusker state? Well, thanks to some sort of past law (I'm thinkin' long past), an equine massage therapist license in Nebraska requires a veterinarian degree...in addition to more class hours than it takes to be a human massage therapist.

I got a feeling the boys and girls in the legislature down south there will be changing that. Nebraska would be joining 13 other states that don't require a license for massaging a horse.

And I fully expect the next time I motor down to visit my young 'uns in Bellevue and Clarkson there'll be as many horse massage therapist buildings as there are Red 'N' flags flyin' outside houses.

Oh and as far as South Dakota and horse massaging? About the best I could find is apparently there's no specific wording in our state law about being licensed to massage a horse.

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