If one of your daughters has ever asked for a pony, recent studies from scientists in North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida might give you a good reason to consider this investment.

According to these studies reported by Healthy Holistic Living, women who own a horse are more than likely to live 15 years longer than those who don't.  Scientists made this conclusion after conducting and analyzing statistics from women across the world who own and don't own a horse.  In the United States, the life expectancy difference for women who do and don't own a horse is 14.7%.

These results are after one test that was performed.  According to Healthy Holistic Living, scientists do not have a clear idea of why horses help a woman's longevity.

The study indicates this conclusion could be a variety of factors, such as how much time a woman spends in the outdoors, or how much socialization occurs between a woman and her horse.  Owning a horse also leads to having a healthier heart.

We will always be loyal to our dogs and cats.  But there's always room for a new friend!

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