A viral video shows what appears to be a family gathering that went terribly wrong after a runaway horse sent a young boy flying onto the hood of a car. Check out the clip plus reactions from social media here.


Everything was going so well for this group who were seemingly enjoying a family gathering.

The kids were playing, the adults were hanging out in the shade, and one man was assisting a younger boy on a horse.


Just as the man led the boy and the horse around the yard for a nice, peaceful walk - things went terribly wrong.

Something must have gotten into the horse, as he began trotting and then went into a full-on gallop. As the horse sprinted towards the driveway, the man lost control.


The child eventually went flying off of the horse and onto the hood of a car as the animal narrowly missed running into the car.

Hopefully the child was not injured in the incident that was captured on camera.

Twitter via @rahsh33m
Twitter via @rahsh33m

Family Gathering Escalates to Chaotic Scene as Horse Runs Wild

See the chaotic video shared to Twitter by @rahsh33m below.

Reactions to the clip coming from Twitter below.

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