When I heard people were throwing cheese at babies, I didn't get it. It's being called “The Cheese Face Challenge,” “Cheese Challenge,” or “Cheese Baby Challenge” among other things.

Now that I've seen it, I'm just mad. The deal is parents, I assume, are throwing slices of cheese in their kid's face so they can record the child's reactions in order to post them online and get likes.

There have been many internet challenges, Tide Pod, Cinnamon, Ghost Pepper, and others. If you want to do stupid stuff to yourself in some misguided quest for self-validation, that's one thing. But what kind of self-esteem issues do you have when you record yourself throwing things in a babies face so you can get attention on social media?

This is not good-intended hijinks, it's abuse. If you are a parent that does things like this to your kid you are not just exhibiting a lack of judgment, you are setting the worst kind of example for your child and those around you. Try closing your camera app and use your phone to Google "Responsible Parenting.”

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