A nice honor for a Sioux Falls man. Claude Roebuck has been chosen to take part in the National Horsemanship Competition next month of Las Vegas. He's one of only five finalists selected to compete in the 'Colt Starting Challenge USA' competition.

Here's the tricky part though - Roebuck doesn't get to bring along any of his own horses. He has to work with a horse he's never met before, and he'll only have three-and-a-half hours to get acquainted with the horse.

The horses at the competition are all untrained. No one has ever ridden, saddled, or even bridled them - so, basically, Roebuck has to start at square one. And Roebuck knows it'll be a challenge.

Horses have always been apart of Roebuck’s life. He currently teaches other people the ropes to horsemanship and how to gently get the horse to do what you want it to do. He says, "Light pressure and patience make all the difference."

The competition in Las Vegas is set to begin Sunday, December 9 and runs through Tuesday, December 11. Stay tuned, we'll let you know how Roebuck does.

Source: KDLT News

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