I've seen plenty of bull riding in person and on TV, the above video shows Video shows what kind of danger people are willing to put themselves in for $100. Watch at your own risk.

I have never heard of Cowboy Pinball, and I'm not sure we will see a lot of these popping up at rodeos around the country.

From a story in Yahoo Sports: "They call it "Cowboy Pinball" and it was part of the 2019 "Bull Bash!" rodeo event at Owensboro, Kentucky. The recipe is simple: One angry bull, 23 volunteers not allowed to run and a $100 prize. What could possibly go wrong? It works like this: the volunteers are to stand inside small individual circles in a rodeo pen. A bull with $100 tied to its flank is released into the pen. Whoever grabs the $100 without leaving their circle is declared the winner. The rest reconsider their life decisions, and possibly end up in an ambulance. Video of the first run of the game appears to go off without incident, but then a second bull is introduced - a very angry bull who had no problem with charging the participants. The end result was multiple participants being thrown into the air, and that's when the arena reportedly became deadly silent."

To read the entire Yahoo Sports story click here.

Sources: Yahoo Sports

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