Mark Berg is a dairy farmer from Pine Island, Minnesota which is about 20 minutes northwest of Rochester, Minnesota. If you live in the midwest chances are you know what a tough time dairy farmers and most other farmers are having right now.

The video starts with how Mark and his dad have been arguing like they never had before. He makes some very emotional points on how hard it is surviving in today's farm climate commenting.

“We are not asking to make a million, we aren’t asking to be rich. It is not about having money," Mark says. "But when you literally work day in and day out all the time, for nothing. We have gained nothing.”

Mark quotes his dad as saying: “I've worked here 40 F___ing years, and have less than what I started with. And it's true.”

Mark and his family, like so many other farm families, work many hours a day seven days a week for what for many is a below poverty level income. After adjusting for inflation, Minnesota farms earned the lowest median farm income in the past 23 years of data tracked by the University of Minnesota Extension and agricultural Centers of Excellence within Minnesota State. In 2018, the reported median net income was $26,055, down eight percent from the previous year.

This should make you really sit up and take notice about what our farmers are up against today.

“Nobody gets it. Because they just go to the grocery store and they get food and it is there," Mark closes with. "They don’t realize that people are literally losing their lives because they are working for nothing. I just want a fair cut. I just want my family to be happy again.”

Here is Sioux Falls Avera Behavioral Health has set up a 24-hour hotline for stressed farmers, ranchers, and their families.

Maintaining the family farm should never cost you or your loved one their life. For 24/7 support call the Farmers Stress Hotline at 800-691-4336 or the National Suicide Hotline at 800-273-8255.

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