Fans of Old Dominion and the country community alike were concerned after Ramsey shared a selfie from a hospital bed recently. Ramsey recalled the full incident with Bobby Bones. He shared that he was changing a light bulb 7 to 8ft high that didn't really need to be changed, he just didn't like the shade of white. While changing the light bulb, the ladder buckled underneath him and he fell backward on the stairs. In the fall, Ramsey punctured a lung and broke one of his ribs. He recalled that he was waiting to be able to breathe normally again, but his breathe just never came back. He called the ambulance and they came to his house. He shared that it was the "full-on 911 experience," with the operator staying on the line with him until the emergency crews arrived.

The EMTs kept apologizing to him during the ambulance ride because every little move they made was hurting him. The whole situation is funny now, but Matt said it was all really scary at the moment because he couldn't breathe at all and wasn't sure what was going to happen. Now, Ramsey is recovering well and his lung is already back at full capacity. The biggest pain for him right now is the rib, but he said he should be back at it very soon. And the light bulb did get changed, Old Dominion's production manager went to Ramsey's house to change the light bulb and put up the ladder before Ramsey got home from the hospital. Ramsey added that no one at the hospital said anything to him about who he was until the new nurse came in the next morning. She immediately recognized his voice and told him she was going to make sure he got better soon.

Despite the recent fall, Ramsey's speedy recovery means everything is on track with their just-announced baseball park tour. The band is really just excited to get back on the road, like most artists after the past year's pandemic. And they're also releasing new music. Out today, Old Dominion shared "I Was On A Boat That Day." The song comes from the time the band spent together out in Asheville, North Carolina. They all went out to Asheville to work on another project. They wrote and recorded 12 to 13 songs out there that they plan to turn into something in the near future. However, they're not sure whether it will be in the form of an album, an EP or a bunch of singles. This particular song is a title they've been throwing around since they wrote their hit "Break Up With Him." The title was never really taken seriously until they were in Asheville and it turned out to be a really fun song, even recording it was a big party for the band.

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