August of last year, Lunchbox suggested the challenge to eat three pounds of food. They would weigh him before he started eating and then weigh him immediately after to see if he gained three pounds. Today, he finally did the challenge with a bowl of three pounds of guacamole.

Lunchbox is the one who chose to do the guacamole, specifically his wife's homemade guacamole. He believed that if it was something he loved to eat, then no amount is too much. His starting weight was 167.4 pounds before he started eating the guacamole with chips. He started by eating slowly because he wanted to pace himself. When he got through half of the bowl, he started to feel disgusted. His next weight was 168.8.

He couldn’t continue eating and quit. He gained 1.4 pounds from the time he started so it is possible 3 pounds of food would have ended up adding 3 pounds to his weight.

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