One could make a convincing argument that Keith Urban's 'Golden Road' is the most important record of his career... And one of the most important records of the decade. Urban's sophomore album has sold over three million copies, while landing four songs on top of Billboard's country charts (including 'You Look Good in My Shirt,' which wasn't released until 2008). A fifth single, 'Raining on a Sunday' peaked at No. 3.

In the early 2000s, many artists were trying to fuse country and pop music without losing credibility, but Urban did it best, beginning with 'Golden Road,' which was released on Oct. 8 2002. The key was his musicianship. You could accuse the singer of not sounding country -- it's unlikely you'll ever hear the Australian drop a "y'all" -- but you can't ignore his talent on guitar and banjo. His fast success was more than just good looks and neat studio tricks, because his songs have real depth.

As a vocalist, the then-35-year-old Urban showed his scars on 'You'll Think of Me,' creating an early career song. The ballad would enjoy crossover success and become one of his top songs ever. Other singles from 'Golden Road' include 'Somebody Like You' and 'Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me,' which Urban co-wrote.

His self-titled major label debut was no slouch of a record, earning him multiple awards and a Grammy nomination. But 'Golden Road' would catapult his career to the next level. Even at the time, it was clear he'd busted the proverbial sophomore slump.

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