I can still remember my 3rd grade teacher wheeling in a black and white TV into the school room in Kennebec, South Dakota.  I believe it was Mrs Smith.  She said that we were going to do something different for class that day.  We were going to watch TV.

Public TV had just hit the airwaves.  There it was, in brilliant black and white. (sorry, no color tv yet) but still we were watching Sesame Street in School.

Sesame Street was fun back then and it's still fun today!  Now grandpas and grandmas are taking their grand kids to see Elmo and Big Bird.

See Sesame Street Live at the Sioux Falls Arena Wednesday, October 16h courtesy of Kickin' Country.

When the new music teacher's instruments go missing, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, and more come to the rescue and discover instruments they never knew existed. Children learn that everyone can make and enjoy beautiful music together!

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