In case you missed it the past few mornings, things are different.  Tammy is back. And I mean back!

After a 4 year hiatus of kid hauling, momin' around she finally decided that she was ready to crank it up and get back to Kickin' Country.  We missed her!

Take this morning for instance.  Dan, Bryan and Tammy were talking NFL Football.  Was that just lip service when Tammy said she was ready for the season.  I mean looking forward to it?!  Nope. She promptly told me of a 'bet' that she was thinking about making with Bryan Bjerke.

Hey, it could happen.  It might not, but it could.  But I'll tell you this, it's the kind of fun, morning show stuff that you can expect in coming days.  Dan, Tammy and Bryan...The Big Breakfast on Kickin' Country!

Got me thinking, that the loser should have to get their toe nails done in the other guys favorite teams logo. It seems Tammy is a Detroit Lions fan!  We'll have to set a party up with the Parkston listeners before the end of the season.

By the way, Dan and I asked about that Toe Ring she has on.  We wondered if it was for traction in the winter time.  Tammy said, 'it does help me grip my flip flops.'

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