If you wake up with The Bobby Bones Show, you know that Lunchbox and his wife were expecting their first child. It was an awesome announce this morning on the show!

We've been receiving Baby Box updates ever since Lunchbox had his big announcement that his wife was pregnant with their first child AKA "Baby Box" back in March. The due date for their baby has been set for late August, but on July 17th Lunchbox got a call. 

It was time to head to the hospital with his wife, and after a couple hours we found out this was the real deal. Baby Box was ready to be born.

After some long, long anticipation of a live update from Lunchbox... he shared at 6:47 PM on July 17th via Twitter that he was a dad.

During today's morning show (July 18), Lunchbox shared the gender with us in a big gender reveal: a color of a onesie in a box. Baby box is a boy!!

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