Nothing says first crush or even young love then an invite to the school prom.  Renting a tux, getting the dress and picking out the corsage are all part of the prom experience.  And now, high school students will never have to go hungry again after the Grand March!

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has announced the perfect corsage laced with delicate Baby's Breath and a drumstick!  Nope, this is not a joke!  KFC has partnered with Nanz & Kraft, a florist based in Louisville, Kentucky to create the perfect prom accessory.

Customers can order the perfect KFC chicken corsage online, but the chicken is not included.  When their order arrives, customers get a $5.00 KFC coupon they can redeem for a drumstick. The recipient of the corsage can either then attach the drumstick to the corsage, or simply eat the drumstick as a snack before the big event.

KFC has already had several prom orders for the chicken corsage, but the company is also hoping that the idea of having chicken corsages will catch on for other events...such as weddings.  A KFC spokesman says that if wedding flowers made of chicken start to become more popular, there's a good chance they will have to start catering the events, just so people don't try to eat the corsages.

Stating that 'love can be awkward', KFC has released a video saying,

Make it less awkward by surprising your date with a corsage that will make her eyes light up and her mouth water.

I'm pretty sure that my son (who loves KFC, by the way) would have loved to know about this option before he picked out his date's corsage for prom.  On the other hand, as cool as his date to the prom was...I'm pretty sure she still would have picked the corsage that my son picked out.

A. Ihlen/Tammy KIKN