And here you thought pork and corn were King in Iowa. Well, you're not wrong. But, the chicken doesn't get the credit, as you would think.

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Leading up to World Egg Day, the state of Iowa is the top-producing state when it comes to these tasty buds. More than just the clutch you collect over an entire year from your backyard hens.

According to a United State Department of Agriculture report, Iowa chickens in the last year laid 14,980,300,000 eggs. Yep, that's in the billions.

Indiana – 10,606,800,000
Ohio – 10,456,000,000
Pennsylvania – 8,111,000,000
Texas – 6,420,500,000
Georgia – 5,064,200,000
Michigan – 4,541,900,000
Arkansas – 4,248,700,000
North Carolina – 4,093,600,000
California – 4,019,600,000

When you get down to the yolk of an egg these babies pack a punch containing most of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants required by the body. Just one large egg contains 6g of protein, as well as 13 essential vitamins and minerals.

Over the centuries eggs have evolved in culinary status. From barn to table, eggs play a role in our daily breakfast to a topper on a 5-star entree.

The next time you see a chicken just think of the dual purpose. Why do you think McDonald's restaurants like them so much? Think about it - Egg McMuffins for breakfast, and Chicken Nuggets for lunch!

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