Chicken comes in various forms and can be served with more sauces than I can even come up with.

Fired, broasted, broiled, baked, grilled you name it chicken can probably be prepared that way, some consider it one of the most versatile pieces of protein out there.

But when it comes to 'bar food' chicken gets so many different labels.

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Chicken fingers, chicken strips, and chicken tenders.

But do you happen to know the difference between chicken strips, chicken tenders, or chicken fingers? Are they just different parts of the chicken or more or less chicken meat?

Well, as it turns out there is a difference between all three.

According to  an individual by the name of Beth Goldowitz on Quora:

"Chicken tenders are a specific muscle, located in the breast next to the ribs. It is sometimes removed and sold separately. From what I could find in a cursory search, chicken strips are strips of breast meat, and most of them are pre-cooked in some way so they can be used to make quick, easy meals. Chicken fingers are breaded and either fried or baked. They are not made from whole pieces of chicken. they’re bits and eces of chicken meat stuck together with meat glue and formed into regular shapes, so they will cook evenly."

Now it also states the Beth has 50 years of experience with home cooking. So if you or someone you know wants either chicken strips, tenders or fingers now you'll know the difference between all three.

Source: Quora

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