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Sometimes stories around Sioux Falls and the Sioux Empire just write themselves. You really cannot make this stuff up!

It was an eventful Sunday morning in downtown Sioux Falls. Last week, some of my friends from college came to visit Sioux Falls. Yesterday, I was driving them to the Sioux Falls Regional Airport for their flight home when I noticed a small creature crossing the street. My friend Dalton captured this comedic moment.

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We actually witnessed a chicken crossing the road in downtown Sioux Falls. While driving along Minnesota Avenue, the chicken was just minding its own business in the middle of the road. I automatically handed my phone to Dalton so he could get this hilarious moment on video.

It is definitely a little odd to see a chicken wandering in the middle of downtown Sioux Falls. So why did the chicken cross the road in downtown Sioux Falls? Besides to get to the other side, maybe this chicken was trying to find its way to its backyard. Yep, Sioux Falls residents are allowed to keep chickens in their backyards.

The City of Sioux Falls does allow "a person to keep up to 6 chickens and/or rabbits on personal land without a permit. A permit is required to keep more than 6 chickens and/or rabbits. A permit is also required if a resident wants to keep a duck, turkey or goose." This ordinance is included in the city's Urban Agriculture guidelines. The only animal that cannot be added to your chicken coop are roosters. They are not allowed within the city limits.

The next time you're driving in Sioux Falls, watch out for chickens crossing the roads!

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