Unlike many states, Iowa has very little public land. In fact, over 97 percent of the Hawkeye State is privately owned.

One company stands out as the biggest landowner in the entire state, although most Iowans probably don't know of its existence.

Not only does this one, family company own the most land in Iowa, but they also own the most in the states of Idaho and Utah as well.

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So Which Company Owns The Most Land In Iowa?

Credit: Google Earth
Credit: Google Earth

According to World Population Review, the largest landowner in the state of Iowa is the Holding Family, at a whopping 400,000 acres.

Just who is the Holding Family? It appears to be a family-owned company with large land investments throughout the U.S.

Earl Holding (who died in 2013) was originally an oil tycoon, who later diversified into owning ski resorts and hotels

What about some of Iowa's neighbors? In Minnesota, the largest landowner is a timber company that owns close to 300,000 acres. In South Dakota and Nebraska, media mogul, Ted Turner owns the most land. In Wisconsin, Weyerhaeuser owns the most at around 500,000 acres.

To find out the largest landowner in each state, check out the article from World Population Review.

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Story Source: World Population Review, Forbes, Net State Website, Summit Post Website

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