Bad timing for this recall as thousands of American's will be eating chicken - along with the hot dogs and burgers. Tyson Foods, along with the United States Department of Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), have announced a nationwide recall of fully cooked chicken products.

The recall comes from a contamination of Listeria monocytogenes in one of it's processing and packing plants. The FSIS is concerned that these products are now in restaurant freezers and consumers homes by now. Here is the the full list of possibly contaminated chicken. Consumers are asked to either throw them away or bring them back to the point of purchase.

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This recall is a large one as it affects nearly 8.5 million pounds of fully-cooked chicken products. It includes breast strips, legs, pulled chicken, fajita meat, wings, and more. Including Marco's Pizza with sliced chicken breast and Little Caesar's wings.

You can check the labels of the possibly contaminated products here.

Check your pantries, refrigerators, and your freezers for these fully-cooked products from Tyson Foods.

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