If this is true, there is no way to rationalize this sick and twisted "game" in Iowa's largest meatpacking plant.

Tyson Foods has been issued a wrongful-death lawsuit filed by the family of a worker who has made some startling revelations regarding the company. According to the Iowa Capital DispatchIsidro Fernandez, 20, worked in unsafe conditions and has since died of the virus.

But the most disturbing revelation is the upper management's twisted game. Plant manager Tom Hart organized a cash buy-in among managers, where they'd guess how many workers would fall ill, and the closest guess would win the pot.

Cash incentives were given to workers who showed up every day - regardless of symptoms. It is reported that one worker vomited on the packing line and not only stayed on the job but also instructed to return to work the next day. Plant supervisors allegedly called COVID-19 the "glorified flu" and that "everyone's going to get it."

In all, at least five workers died from COVID-19 in Waterloo's plant.

When the Black Hawk County Sheriff visited the plant, what he saw "shook him to the core."

Tyson Foods has not yet formally responded to the accusations but "vigorously denies" the allegations.

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