You gotta hand it to Kentucky Fried Chicken. On Monday they released a menu creation America desperately needs right now: The Fried-Chicken and Donut Sandwich...and it's exactly like it sounds. A crispy chicken fillet between two glazed donuts.

In case you're a little skittish about trying it, you can add a donut to any meal for an additional charge, but that doesn't seem very adventurous, does it?

The no-fun news would be the calories and fat grams. The chicken and donut sandwich weighs in with 1,100 calories and 65 grams of fat. But hey, it has 29 grams of protein and we need that. Let's not talk about the sugar.

The way Americans lose their sh*t when certain chicken sandwiches sell out (we're looking at you, Popeyes) it would do you well to grab a few of these glazed delicacies now.

It will be sold through March 16th or while supplies last.

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