Eddie was driving home when he saw a group of kids huddled around at a bus stop when he noticed something wasn’t right.

The closer he got to the group, he noticed there was a fight going on. He pulled over and started to make a scene. He honked, slammed his door, and started yelling for them to break it up. As soon as he said that they all looked and ran away besides the two on the ground that were wrestling. He was about to grab the guy who was on top, and clearly winning the fight, but he got up and ran away too.

The only person that was left at the scene was the kid who was getting beat up. He thanked Eddie for stopping the fight, but then he ran off too. Eddie yelled out to him and asked if he was okay, to which he replied he was. But that’s when Eddie heard the boy who was beating him up yell “We’re not done, bro! You just got saved.”

He felt like a hero in that moment and was full of adrenaline but then wondered if he ruined it for the kid? Is now whoever was winning that fight going to find him? Did he get beat up 10 minutes after he left? Bobby Bones thinks he saved the kid's life and commended him for stopping his car and risking his own safety.

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