Crew from The Bobby Bones Show
Crew from The Bobby Bones Show

It's that time of year! 2019 is officially here and everyone is sharing how they're going to do better, be better or just not do anything at all when it comes to resolutions.

A listener called into the show and asked The Bobby Bones Show what their resolutions were. Bobby, Amy, Lunchbox, and Eddie shared the things they want to do for the new year. Bobby was focusing on maintaining and keeping his eyes on the prize. Amy's resolution is more of an intention to be more present and more organized.

Lunchbox shared that he wants to learn more music by listening to artists and songs that are new as well as keep his car clean so it's not as difficult having Baby Box ride along with him. Eddie has a big new years resolution, he wants to be debt free. They currently have $18K to pay off, but he thinks they can accomplish paying it back this year.


New Years Resolutions:

Listen to more Music--Learn artists, learn songs and be more up to date

Keep My Car Clean-- riding in my car is difficult due to the mess. I have to move boxes out to put him in and then put boxes around him when he is in. Keep it clean



My goal for 2019 is to be debt free!!!!! It’s going to be hard but I really think we can do it!

Any advice?

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