The Bobby Bones Show's annual Christmas gift exchange went down today (December 16). The theme of the gift exchange was Spicy Christmas. Everyone on the show drew to have one person they had to gift an item to for the holidays. That person can either accept the gift or choose from one of Bobby Bones' six luxury boxes. Four of the boxes include a luxurious gift, and two of them include a spicy gift. One is a spicy gummy bear and the other is that hot chip that is so hot it makes you throw up. If you open one of the spicy ones, you need to eat it right there and then. If no one ends up picking one of the six gifts on Bones' desk, he gets to bring them home.

Check out everyone's gift below and what they got from other show members during the annual gift exchange!

  • Mike D gifted Amy a shirt she already has, however she doesn't have it in this color. Amy chose to keep it.
  • Scuba Steve gifted Raymundo a pair of Nike Huarache shoes, Nike sweatpants, Harry’s deodorant and a bottle of lotion. Ray chose to keep his gifts.
  • Bobby Bones gifted Morgan a mobile pet spa. They come to her house and take care of her dog. Morgan chose to keep it.
  • Raymundo gifted Abby a $100 gift card to her favorite bar, a Nate Smith T-shirt, and the Nashville Predators mascot Gnash came in to surprise Abby with a note saying she will be singing The National Anthem on February 13th at the game. She also received a custom Predators jersey and microphone. Abby is keeping the gift.
  • Amy gifted Eddie Cowboys grilling tools and a Cowboys hat. He chose to go spicy and chose one of the gifts on Bones' desk.
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  • Morgan gifted Mike D and vintage Cowboys sweatshirt, a spider man water bottle, and two tickets to the Tennessee Titans vs Dallas Cowboys football game on December 29th. He chose to keep it.
  • Abby gifted Bones a Bobbycast and Arkansas sign. He kept it.
  • Lunchbox gifted Scuba the Hues and Cues boardgame, and a Shaquille O’Neal vintage T-shirt. And one other gift that hasn’t come in yet. He chose to go spicy and pick a gift from Bones' desk.
  • Eddie gifted Lunchbox lottery tickets, a light for his bike, and a book called "Don't Be a D." Lunchbox chose to go spicy and pick a gift from Bones' desk.
  • Scuba went first with his surprise spicy Christmas gift. The box he chose had a $300 Amazon gift card in it. Eddie went second and it was the spicy gummy bear he had to eat. Lunchbox then went and first chose a box that contained luxury items like designer ties and luxury face products. He chose to trade it for another gift on Bones' desk. The next gift he chose was a Tiny Tasty Toasty – a small toaster over. He chose to trade again. The final gift he chose contained the world’s hottest chip, which he then had to consume shortly after picking it.

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