Used with Permission
Used with Permission

Have you ever stolen something is a question you don't hear every day, but Bobby Bones recently asked members of the show that simple question.

Lunchbox said he used to do a hack to steal baseball cards. He’d go to the store and put them at the bottom of the basket and then put two poster boards over them. And when they looked inside the basket, they would only charge him for the poster boards. He also admitted when he was a cashier and his friends would fill up their cart with a bunch of food, he would only charge them like $10.

Eddie’s was when he was at a party in college, and they needed ice. His friend worked at the convenience store, but it was his day off. He told him he could take as much ice as he wanted because they don’t check. So, he only paid for one bag of ice but took about 75 bags. He also admitted to stealing 32 cases

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