Are hand-written "thank you" cards for wedding gifts too old school? Bobby Bones thinks so. On a recent episode of the Bobby Bones Show, as heard on Kickin' Country, he said the tradition is a nice thing to do to thank those who celebrated your special day with you, but the practice has become out of date.

Bobby and his new wife Caitlin got married a few months ago, but they have yet to sit down and write thank you cards. Bobby said on the show that a specialized video or just thanking the gift giver in person should be good enough. He doesn't like to get a bunch of mail or receiving cards so he assumes there are others like him. He also said that "thank you" cards can be impersonal.

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Caitlin disagrees and said they will be writing "thank you" cards to their guests. Bobby and Caitlin did send some specialized videos to Amy and Mike D. Both of them said the videos were better than a "thank you" card. The videos showed the couple unwrapping the gift and showing it off. Of course, the couple said "thank you" for the gifts.

What say you? Is the tradition of sending "thank you" cards out of date? Is a personalized video better? Leave a comment on the Kickin' Country Facebook page under the link for this story.

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