There is a video that's going viral. It's pretty neat. They guys name is John Jones. Now he was either away at school or lives in another town.

Jones decided to lose some weight.  The interesting angle on the story is that Jones did it without his family knowing. Seems he lives quite a way from home.  Only gets there a couple times per year. One of the times this past year, he made up an excuse to not come home. He had a goal. Lose some weight. A lot of weight.

According to Jones, he didn't exercise (until recently). What he did do, was keep a food log and limited his caloric intake to 1350 calories per day. He ate good, he just ate less. AND KEPT Track!

I've been working with Ryan and the crew at Complete Nutrition (in the Bridges, 57th and Western, Sioux Falls) Yes, I'm drinking a pre-work out product before hitting the gym. That helps a LOT! Then I drink a protein shake after working out. That's it. After that the only thing I'm doing is tracking my inputs. Just like Jones did. Put it in your mouth? Write it down. Eat clean, eat well, but keep track!

Jones kept it a secret. That secret worked for him. It made it easier for him to keep his expectations in check. Nobody was hounding him. He was just working it. He did say he had a lot of support from the on-line community at Reddit.

If you are looking to slim down this year, or are like me and trying to maintain a healthy weight, (which seems just about as hard) then start like Jones did. Write it down. Keep track. Be honest and set a realistic goal. Then get that goal.  One pound at a time.

Good luck!