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Show Us Your Trophy 2018
Hunting season is over in South Dakota and the entries in our Show Us Your Trophy contest are in. You can check them out.
Sponsored by Manley Tire and Oil
Holidays Got You Stressed Out? Pet Your Pet!
It's the most wonderful time of the year.
And, for a lot of people, also the most stressful
In addition to the 'regular' stress of job, family and whatever else you might be dealing with, there's rushing here and there, finding not only a gift but the perfect gift...
Could Facebook Cost You Admission To College?
It was all innocent enough. An image of you at a party doing something fun. Maybe enlivening things a bit by being funny. Or is it inappropriate? Maybe something you'd just as soon not have your parents see.
But no problem. Those old fogy parents don't even get onto your digital platform of…

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