You are steeped in agriculture. You might not know it, but you are. It doesn't matter if you live in Sioux falls, Brookings, Yankton, Aberdeen, Mitchell or Rapid City. You're neck-deep in agriculture.

You might work in a hospital. Maybe the Post Office. You could be an IT person, maybe work all day on a computer in an office. Heck, you might be a radio announcer. It doesn't matter. You depend on agriculture each and every day.

You DO eat, right?

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It may come as a shock (but probably not) that the state of South Dakota is rural. We're a "farm/ranch" state, and doggone proud of it. That farm you drive by every day? That ranch you read about? They fuel this state.

So with all that being said, do you know the 10 biggest South Dakota agricultural products? And perhaps the first question you have is, how do you define "Agricultural Products"?

Well, for our purposes here, the ag products are based on cash receipts. These numbers come from the FarmFlavor website and reflect cash receipts from 2015. I'd assume the numbers have probably grown in the past few years. So first make your guesses and and check out the Top 10 below.

Driving around the Sioux Empire I pretty much would have known the corn and soybeans but I might have missed guessing cattle and calves at the top spot. I might not have guess wheat quite so high and I'd probably have missed turkeys altogether. You can get the details on South Dakota's leading industry here.

Now I think I'll go have a ham sandwich with a nice cold glass of milk.

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