One thing I've learned over the years working in radio is, you never know who might be listening and where. This past week I became even more aware of just that.

I received an email from Buddy Logan. Buddy is the host of Radio Texas Live, a show featuring Texas and Red Dirt Country that we play Saturday nights from 7:00 PM to Midnight on Kickin' Country here in Sioux Falls.

First Buddy sent me this quick email. It read:

Got prisoners rioting in SD... I feel like Johnny Cash.

Turns out there wasn't a riot, but it's a cool story. I read the email he received from Angie and it says;

You'll never guess what happened! So I told all the guys we might get a shout out over Radio Texas Live on Kickin' Country.There's like 8 guys all walking the track listening to the show and then when Buddy acknowledged his 'captive audience" in Yankton, South Dakota well the track just erupted and everyone was holding they're fists up and all of us are like "hell yeah Buddy that's what I'm talking about"" So all these guys are hooting  and hollering at the same time and there's a CO standing out on the steps of the unit next to the track right just keeping an eye on things, About the same time that all these guys started hollering, the CO got on his radio and 45 maybe 60 seconds  later, the Lieutenant pops up in his golf cart, and so they're  both standing there looking at all of us, all confused, like maybe  we were having some kind of an incident or something. Finally the CO asks me, "so what was that all about anyway?" I told him,  "Don't Worry officer its not a riot, its just Radio Texas Live!

I was curious so I emailed Angie to get more of a read on the story. Where she was from and so on. She replied;

OK here is the story.  I live in Willis, TX and don't get Buddy's broadcast on the air so I listen online at  My friend Jeff, who is part of the "Captive Audience" LOL at Yankton FPC turned me onto this TX Red Dirt Music Scene.  He and a bunch of guys at the prison camp listen to Buddy's show every Sat night live on the local station out of Sioux Falls, KIKN 100.5, this is my best guess since that station airs the broadcast.  It;s not like they have a lot of choices up there! LOL  So I emailed Buddy and asked if he could give them a shout out and he did last Sat night.  The guys at Yankton were really happy and the recognition really made their night.  They really appreciated that!!  They love the music and listen every week.  I hope that helps explain who we are and how this all came about. And I'm sure I speak for all your fans in Yankton FPC Buddy, The music is bad ass and we all love it.

Here's what the shout out from Buddy sounded like on Kickin' Country.

Shout out to the guys listening in Yankton to Radio Texas Live on Kickin' Country. We appreciate you listening and your passion for the music that Buddy plays Saturday night on Kickin' Country.

It's another example of, you never know who might be listening, and where.

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