If you have listened to Kickin' Country on Saturday nights you've probably already heard Radio Texas Live with host Buddy Logan. It's a mix of Texas Country and Red Dirt Country and we're getting a ton of feedback on the show here at Kickin' Country.

One of the reasons, is the diversity of the music. It can go from Honkey Tonk to an almost Southern Rock Sound.

This morning, I was listening to Radio Texas Live on the Radio Pup Ap that you can download from your play store. I heard a song that lit me up big time. It's by Whiskey Meyers, it's called Bar, Guitar and a HonkyTonk Crowd. This is definitely a 70's style southern rock feel to me. But it's the honest ass lyric that paints and story and takes me 'there.'

I shot a quick e-mail to Buddy Logan, host of Radio Texas live and he said,

That’s a good one! Their entire “Firewater” album is really good. And so is their new one “Early Morning Shakes.” Those guys are from right here in Tyler, they still live here.

Buddy also shot me a link to a live acoustic set of Whiskey Meyers performing the song.

In contrast to this Southern Rock feel, Radio Texas Live can also lean to a real traditional Country feel, like Aaron Watson.

Side note:  Aaron Watson, Stoney LaRue and The Josh Abbott Band will be playing the South Dakota State Fair later this summer.

We hope you check it out again Saturday night. Radio Texas Live with host Buddy Logan. Bringing a little Texas Country and Red Dirt Country 680 miles up the section line, to Kickin' Country!

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