If you've been listening to Kickin' Country on Saturday nights, you've been hearing a different sound. It's Radio Texas Live with Buddy Logan! 

I stumbled on Texas Country and Red Dirt music a couple of years ago when a guy called and said, 'hey you really should be checking some of this stuff out!'  I don't recall the gentleman's name, but he was correct.

Saturday night on Radio Texas Live, Buddy Logan will be talking with Brandy Clark. Clark sings with Wade Bowen on a song that's smoking up the Texas music charts (yes, they have charts!) with a remake of Alabama's Love in the First Degree.

I did a little more digging, and Buddy helped me out with this. Brandy Clark is also quite a writer of country music. She penned Better Dig Two for The Band Perry. Can you imagine, Kimberly Perry and the crew listening to this and saying, Hey, that sounds pretty good, let's make it a number one hit!

She also wrote This Ain't Your Mamma's Broken Heart for Miranda.

Neat thing about it, she's also appeared on The Ellen Show and recently performed her song Stripes for Ellen.

Listen to Radio Texas Live Saturday night as Buddy Logan will be talking with Brandy Clark!  Enjoy the videos, and hope you check out the show Saturday nights on Kickin' Country!



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