Saturday night Kickin' Country will change up it's programing a bit. We'll be bringing you a show called Radio Texas Live. The host of Radio Texas Live, Buddy Logan was on Kickin' Country with JD Collins Tuesday to talk about the show. He said,

I think the listeners of Kickin' Country are going to love the music. Down here in Texas these artists are selling out huge venues and making a great living without the record labels help. I think you'll like the music too. It's very honest!

I've been listening to Radio Texas Live quite a bit lately with my Radio Pup app. Frankly, I found the music to be quite honest and down home. It will sound different that's for sure, but if you listen for 4 or 5 songs I think you'll see what it is I like about some of the music. The stories, I mean songs are honest and they are well done. Can't wait to hear how Radio Texas Live sounds on Kickin' Country Saturday night!

By the way, you can now hear Steve Knutson Saturday afternoons from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Here's Granger Smith with a sample of some of the music Buddy Logan will be playing Saturday night on Kickin' Country!

Christopher Vinn, Townsquare Media
Christopher Vinn, Townsquare Media




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