Who is Granger Smith. Come to think of it, who is Earl Dibbles Jr.? As it turns out, Dibbles Jr. is the alter ego of Granger Smith. So, back to the original question. Who is Granger Smith. Smith is one of the artists that Kickin' Country will be featuring on Saturday night (7:00 p.m.-12 Mid) with a new show called Radio Texas Live.

The host of the show, Buddy Logan explained in a phone interview that Granger Smith is hugely popular in Texas. He added this alter ego of his named Earl Dibbles Jr. is off the charts popular. In fact, Logan thinks that Dibbles Jr. could be the next Larry the Cable Guy.

If you take a look at some of the numbers, you start thinking that Buddy may indeed be right. Nearly 1 million Facebook followers. A knack for a one liner and a clean tweet don't hurt him much either. If you listen to Granger Smiths music, you think he's talented. If you watch his Youtube videos you might think something else. Like he's a genius when it comes to marketing. And being Country Boy Funny.

So check out the videos. And listen to Kickin' Country Saturday night for Radio Texas Live hosted by Buddy Allan. We hope you like it. And we promise you one thing. It will sound different!

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