A rideshare driver was reportedly robbed and carjacked on Tuesday evening.

According to Dakota News Now, Sioux Falls police say a man driving for Lyft gave a ride to two men and two women from the vicinity of 8th Street and Cleveland Avenue to 3rd Street and Bahnson Avenue at about 5:30 pm. When the ride stopped that's when things got squirrelly.

One of the women grabbed the Lyft driver's phone and took off running. The driver chased after the woman but one of the men pushed the driver and got into a struggle causing minor injuries. Then the other woman grabbed the keys and jumped back into his car and took off. The other two suspects took off running in different directions.

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If I was that guy I'd be like "What the hell?"

I am wondering the exact same thing you probably are. Don't the police already know who one of the people is? When you sign up for Lyft you give info and credit card information. Of course that could all be faked or from a stolen phone itself, but that is not something that has been disclosed.

Crime with Lyft or Uber drivers is not a new thing. It's shockingly disturbing. According to a Wired.com story in December of 2019, Uber released a report citing over 3,000 sexual assault reports among riders in 2018, which, even nationally, seems like a huge number. But drivers reported nearly the same number that year.

Murders also happen. The same Wired story mentioned that there were 450 murders that happened from arguments nationwide, but 19 of them happened just on Uber rides.

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