If you start your day with The Bobby Bones show, (weekday mornings 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM on Kickin 100.5, you know that they cover a wide range of topics. Recently, dating was on the docket, and what makes someone undateable? 

The Bobby Bones Show was debating whether a woman in a now-viral story is "undateable" when some other things came up about the latest world of dating.

A woman went viral on TikTok for admitting that she held a fake wedding complete with a fake groom, a real photographer, and all just to try to get her ex-boyfriend back. Most people were commenting about the obvious red flags this woman was putting out so The Bobby Bones show members debated their thoughts on the matter. 5 out of 5 show members agreed that what this woman does makes her "undateable" for the foreseeable future. The discussion led Bobby Bones to ask Morgan2 about her dating life and whether she has ever found out something like this about a potential first date.

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 After years of being in unhealthy relationships, Morgan2 admitted that before every first date she now googles the other person just to ensure there are no obvious red flags. She's checking for bad news stories and obviously if they have been in any legal trouble. She added that there have been a few times where she's found out some things about potential dates and canceled the dates before they ever happened. She also laughed about the matter saying if anyone googled her they would probably just find some really old photos from her Facebook page archives.

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