In South Dakota, I think that we like to consider ourselves pretty friendly.

And that 'friendliness' may come out even more so when we see those that we share the same apartment building or street as ourselves, our neighbors.

According to a recent study that was done by  RTA Outdoor Living, South Dakota ranks within the top ten states for having the most friendliest neighbors.

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The top ten states that have the friendliest neighbors in the country are:

1. Hawaii

2. Wyoming

3. Kansas

4. South Dakota

5. Utah

6. West Virginia

7. Minnesota

8. Lousiana

9. Colorado

10. Maine

Now keep in mind that these top ten states ranked on average 21% above the national average.

Therefore, in these ten states, you're very likely to find a friendly neighbor or a helping hand whenever you need one.

Some of the key takeaways that were revealed by this survey from 1,000 Americans were:

-56% of respondents said a neighbor has offered them advice or help in regards to their projects around the house.

-70% said that their neighbors even welcomed them when they moved in.

-63% of people stated that they know the names and major life events of their neighbors and their immediate family members.

And maybe the best information that this survey revealed were some of the nicest things that an individual's neighbor had done for them.

Not only were they acts of kindness some of them were pure nobility; as one respondent said that their neighbor even saved them from a dog attack!

Source: RTA Outdoor Living

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