I've always been a big fan of going to the movies to see comedies. Lately, I've left a majority of them disappointed. As I ventured out on late Friday night to go see Neighbors, I found that I was in for a few shocks.

As we approached Century Theaters, the parking lot was noticeably full and more packed than expected. I quickly asked my girlfriend what movie was out that would cause such a rush to the theater (without thinking that it could be the one I was going to see). We both thought another movie, or even special event, was the cause.

The movie that drew the crowd? Neighbors. The 10:00 showing was completely sold out. We quickly took tickets to the 10:45 show and that show also filled up.

Neighbors was also very successful across the country. The raunchy comedy was the top movie of the weekend, earning $49 million. For comparison sake, The Amazing Spider Man 2 grossed $35 million in its second week in the theaters.

While I expected a funny movie, I didn't anticipate how great the movie would actually be. I found myself laughing, almost uncontrollably at times, at pretty much everything. Neighbors is worth a watch without question, and I would even venture to the theater to see it again.

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