Sioux Falls police arrested a man for being in possession of a stolen generator and ATV.

56-year-old Larry Dean Durst of Sioux Falls is in jail facing charges of possession of stolen property and possession of a stolen vehicle, according to Dakota News Now.

Police had some help in locating the generator. Police spokesman Sam Clemens said the generator was stolen from a construction site at 4300 North Northview Avenue in Sioux Falls at around 8:30 on Sunday night.

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The generator's owner had placed a GPS tracker inside the unit. The owner was able to track the new location of the generator and reported the theft to the police.

Detectives drove to a residence in the 3600 block of North 10th Avenue where they found the generator. Police interviewed Durst who was alone at the residence at the time. Durst told officers that a friend had dropped off the generator.

As police were recovering the generator, they noticed an ATV that was disassembled. Police discovered that the ATV had also been reported stolen.

Police then took Durst into custody.

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