Around 11:30 Tuesday Evening, a woman was confronted by a man wearing a baseball cap that said POLICE on it. He was also wearing a tactical vest with POLICE printed on the front.

The man approached the woman at her as she was returning home in the area of North Dogwood Place. The man asked her about suspicious activity in the area and also asked her questions about drugs.

The woman didn't think this seemed right, something seemed off or suspicious. So she asked the man for his badge. He then made the comment along the lines that he was a detective.

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The woman didn't think things seemed right so she said she was going to call the police. The man then took off running. As he was running away the woman saw he had a gun in his waistband. He had not produced the gun or threatened her with it.

Some Sioux Falls police officers recognized the description of the man. About 15 minutes later as they were checking the area and stopped a car that was swerving around on the road.

They conducted a traffic stop around 12th & Ebenezer Street. Inside the car, they found a cap and vest that said POLICE. They also found a loaded handgun and some marijuana.

It was determined that the man was intoxicated. He was subsequently arrested for DWI 4th, Possession of Marijuana and paraphernalia, Impersonating a Police Officer, and Having a Loaded Firearm While Intoxicated.

The suspect gave no reason as to why he was doing this. Sioux Falls Information Officer Sam Clemens said the woman did exactly what she should have done. If you think someone who is claiming to be a police officer is suspicious ask to see a badge. If you still aren't comfortable you should call the police department.

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