I find it encouraging when people take their personal pain and try to help others out of theirs.

I will be completely honest when it comes to advice in the area of grief I have none. I have been searching desperately for some resources on how to live with grief.

I lost my beautiful sister in May of 2018, and honestly most materials, books, and sessions I've sifted through have not brought me anything I was looking for.

If I am being completely honest I don't even know what it is that I am looking for.

I have found a couple resources that have resonated with me, and in one of my never ending Google search I stumbled across a Facebook page called Refuge in Grief.

I try to pass along the things I've found, and even though I haven't tried the Goodgrief App if it helps some people it might be something that could help you.

The Goodgrief App is the social network for loss. Finally there’s a network where grieving people can privately connect, chat, and support each other in finding a new normal. It’s available on iOS, Android and the web.

In this video below is the story of the founders of the Goodgrief App Kim and Robynne, and how their grief brought them together.

For more info on the Goodgrief App check out their Facebook page.

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