If you're an outdoor lover who enjoys hiking or yoga, the city of Sioux Falls has something planned over the next few months that you should really like.

It's called "Hike + Yoga,"  a collaboration between the Sioux Falls Park and Recreation Department and Dakotah Yoga, owned and operated by certified yoga instructor Dakotah Jordan of Sioux Falls.

I think we can all agree the COVID-19 pandemic has helped turn almost everyone into a giant stress ball at times? These new Hike + Yoga events planned throughout the next several weeks in the Sioux Empire will mix hiking and yoga together.

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As Dakota News Now reports, Dakotah Yoga owner Dakotah Jordan has had a love for yoga since discovering it in college. Now her passion in life is to share it with others. That is why she jumped at the opportunity to partner with the Sioux Falls Park and Rec Department to take her yoga expertise and meld it with the great outdoors.

Jordan told Dakota News Now, “Mixing hiking and yoga is two of my favorite things to do. We are going to help people get outside, we’re going to help them stretch out a little bit, introduce them to some yoga, if they’re new to it, introduce them to some of the trails and ways they can get outside.”

Conversely, the Sioux Falls Park and Recreation Department is equally excited for this new partnership with Jordan.

Eric Saathoff the Program Coordinator with the Sioux Falls Park and Rec Department told Dakota News Now, “There’s plenty of data that shows that hiking, and yoga, and being outdoors, are all beneficial for you, so we combined them all together to enjoy in the park."

The Hike + Yoga events are designed to help people find the perfect union between health and relaxation. What better venue to accomplish all that than nature. Jordan's goal is for people to sit, be one with nature, breathe, and calm down. The end result, better mental health.

There's a Hike + Yoga event planned for this Saturday (April 17) in Leaders Park starting at 9:30 AM. Subsequent events are also scheduled for May and throughout the Summer and Fall months.

You can get more information and sign up here.

Source: Dakota News Now 

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