I recently got an inside look at Sioux Falls' newest fitness option. Arena Fit is a local, homegrown fitness center located at 1618 South Sycamore Ave. Alex Halbach and Roxanne Kasa are co-owners.

Alex was kind enough to give me a private tour.

You can really see the hometown touches and the effort to do things locally. Creative Surfaces and Simply Perfect were brought in to help with the remodel and the finishing touches on the fancy new locker rooms. The locker rooms are beautiful. There is even an option to rent a locker monthly so you can leave toiletries or a blow dryer on-site for easy access.

Arena Fit also offers snacks and drinks from locally-owned businesses. Among the products for purchase are salads and wraps from Sioux Falls Food Coop and Be Right Bites.

Sioux Falls is the second location. The other is in Sioux City.

Opening during a global pandemic has its challenges. Alex told me that equipment is slowly, but surely coming in. They are still waiting on more hand weights, but they find ways to structure classes to fit what they have.

Since opening the doors, Arena Fit has been limiting class sizes and implementing strenuous cleaning procedures.

Arena Fit offers only instructor lead classes. Classes range from kickboxing, yoga, strength, and spin classes.

One thing that really sets Arena Fit apart from other gyms is their app. The Arena Fit app can be used to see class schedules and sign up for said classes. You can even sign up for a membership and sign waivers through the app. There is also a feature for self-checkout. Let's say you workout over your lunch break and want to buy a salad to go, you can do that all on the app!

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